Hidden Project



Touring from the autumn of 2018, Hidden is an adaptation by playwright Vickie Donoghue, of Miriam Halahmy's Carnegie nominated, Sunday Times Book of the Week of the same title. With a cast of three it will tour to schools and venues in the greater south east. 

Originally commissioned by Stuart Mullins and Rebecca Laughton, who met whilst taking an MA in Applied Theatre at the Central School, the play has been developed due to the support of House Theatre and Arts Council England. The tour will be produced in partnership with Forest Forge Theatre Company

Hidden is the story of Alix aged 14 who has lived her whole life on Hayling Island. Alix runs, she walks her dog, and she looks after her mum. She misses her grandfather who taught her all about the powerful currents that make the surrounding sea a cold and dangerous proposition. After school one day she sees a small crowd of by-standers witnessing the bullying and racist abuse of her classmate Samir: 'Paki, Taliban, terrorist' they shout as the blows rain down on the prostrate and frail body of the young Iraqi refugee. 'Leave him alone. Pick on someone your own size!', where does that voice come from? Her.  She may have had her own suspicions about Samir and all those other immigrants you hear about, but she will not stand and watch him being treated like this. Samir and Alix, having never spoken before, run onto the Island and down onto the cold grey beach. Its February and this is  no place be. 

'That's how this started.That's how I'm stood on our little quiet beach with the strange foreign boy from school. Speaks funny and doesn't ever look up.'

"It is an important subject that some people don’t want to talk about but I think this play shows what could happen, and different people’s opinions.  It was amazing!”

                                                                                                                        Year 8 student, Essex

Hidden was recently invited to be part of the Take Off Festival in Durham. Other partners include The Spring in Havant, The Quarterhouse in Folkestone and the Thameside Theatre in Thurrock.